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This is a duplicate of, and it's already implemented. See my comment in the other topic
Possibly a plugin took the key binding. Try re-adding the keybinding in your user key bindings to force the meaning of ctrl+shift+t, or if you want to debug what's happening you can run the following commands in the sublime console:
Duplicate of 
This request is a duplicate of, which lists several plugins enabling this feature for specific languages.
Imo all of that belongs to plugins. Such as the already existing  and plugins
If this is for autocomplete suggestions, you might want to take a look at SublimeClang
This already exists: window.set_layout, although it doesn't seem to be documented. Search the default keybinding for "set_layout" to get an idea how it works, or use menu item "view->Layout->whatever".
Try my plugin SublimeJava which does this: You might also be interested in my ADB Logcat plugin:
It is.

"vintage_start_in_command_mode": true