Debug Support For GDB, PDB and Others

Lucas Klassmann 8 years ago updated by Vishal Khialani 7 years ago 4

I think that debug support, like breakpoints, variable watch, variable inspection and shortcuts for step, step into, step over, play, stop is interest features that lacking on this editor.


Imo all of that belongs to plugins. Such as the already existing https://github.com/quarnster/SublimeGDB  and https://github.com/Kindari/SublimeXdebug plugins

I would agree with this - the existing debugger plugins are not really production ready. I think this is an effort that paid Sublime developers should undertake, rather than leaving it to random contributors.

I'm not sure what the Sublime Text plans are, but I see this as crucial in pushing Sublime forward towards acting as a full IDE.

I agree everytime I need check some values or stack I need to switch over to netbeans.

Please make the debug part petter

also this should be in the idea section imho