Allow for custom default window position.

Itai Ferber 9 років тому оновлено hced 7 років тому 1
I really appreciate the fact that there's a way to set the default height and width for new windows in ST2, but it bums me out there's no way to set a default position, too. All windows save their positions, so it would be great to have a "new_window_position" variable (or something like it) to be able to define custom window locations too.
Elaborating further on this request, I'd like to add:

1.) Ability to adjust size and position of new windows; instead of proposed "new_window_position", I suggest a more versatile setting:


2.) Ability to set keyboard shortcuts for predefined window settings:

  { "keys": ["super+shift+1"], "command": "window_position_and_size", "args": {"x": 1320, "y": 0, "width": 600, "height": 1080} },
  { "keys": ["super+shift+2"], "command": "window_position_and_size", "args": {"x": 1120, "y": 0, "width": 800, "height": 1080} },
  { "keys": ["super+shift+3"], "command": "window_position_and_size", "args": {"x": 800, "y": 0, "width": 1120, "height": 1080} }