shortcut cmd+[ on german OS X keyboard does not work

Timo Dörr 9 років тому оновлено FichteFoll 9 років тому 3

On german mac keyboards (Macbooks up to latest model), the [ character is done using "opt + 5" (and the ] character is opt + 6).Trying to do the Unindent shortcut in sublime with CMD is then "CMD + OPT + 5", which will switch to a 4-window grid pattern but not unindent. Indenting with CMD + OPT + 6 works, however.

My suggestion: move the alt+cmd+5 shortcut for 4-window layout to cmd+opt+4  on germany keyboard layouts. Indenting is far more important than window layouting.

There is a serious problem for keybindings and the way they are implemented because they disregard the keyboard layout. This applies to Windows as well and means that I have to remap all the keybindings that are not accessable via my keyboard or I just don't know which key is actually represented with my layout (e.g. the console binding ctrl+` maps to ctrl+ö).

I consider this a serious issue but it might take a while until something in this direction will be done.


This is a problem you will have with any program that relies heavily on key bindings. It is just not possible to make something that works with multiple keyboard layouts all with different dead keys and so on. Well, you could possibly use keyboard scan codes instead of regular key bindings, but then you'd have a problem with different physical keyboards instead.

I gave up using a national keyboard several years ago and switched to international english layout. I use a macro expansion program to type the Swedish national characters and other useful stuff (e.g. I type .oe to get ö). This works great for me, but your mileage may vary. If you want to stick to using a national keyboard, expect to do a lot of remapping yourself.

I'm interested in the macro expansion program you are using there. Does this work in every application?

I considered switching to an english layout a few times before but I never came to really use it because 1) of the non-existant national character keys (and the probable mess with a macro programm) and 2) I need to get used to it first and then also be able to use a keyboard that does not have the english layout, but I guess I can handle that.

The other thing is that I just buyed a new keyboard recently ...