Option to change which side of the screen the minimap is on

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Option to change which side of the screen the minimap is on
This would also mean that the sidebar would have to be moveable.
Agreed, I find the minimap on the right hand side to be a pain in the proverbial behind on wide-screen monitors.
I think I am for this. I voted it up because it feels like moving the mini-map to the right has pushed it out of sight / out of mind. Though, I'm not sure how I'll like it next to the file nav bar either. I'm torn... If it's a simple thing to give us an option, that would be cool. Otherwise, not a big deal.
Agreed, I much prefer having the option to put the minimap on the left. Also, as James Brooks mentioned, moving the sidebar would be good too - in Eclipse I have the navigator docked to the right and I'd prefer to use it the same way in Sublime Text too :)
I'm also for an option to decide the minimap's side. If it isn't already there?
This is already implemented. Change the default configuration.

Which build? I don't see it in version 2111. 

There's no option to put the minimap on the left hand side in Sublime Text 2 - only in Sublime Text 1

56 votes already. Please! :)

If you can give option to resize minimap too - this would be great!

I think its the best way to have it near the Scrollbar, moving the minimap would be cool, but its not necessary!
This is a top issue preventing me from moving to ST2 from 1.4. I'm not going to take a step backwards in functionality just for a new version number.

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