Highlight folder of the active file in sidebar

Jussi Rytkönen 9 jaar geleden bijgewerkt 9 jaar geleden 2
When you are editing a file the name of this file gets highlighted in the side bar, but only if the folder where the file resides is unfolded. Unfolding the folder when you activate the file could quickly get very annoying, but how about just highlighting the folder itself?

I normally work with many projects open in the sidebar and often these projects have files with same names so knowing which project the current file belongs to is crucial. Highlighting the folder would help a lot in this.
There's a command "reveal in side bar" that does basically what you want, and a plugin to automatically run that command when the view changes:


Thanks, this is a nice plugin. Though fixing this issue (https://github.com/sobstel/SyncedSideBar/issues/7) would make it much more usable.