[Mac OS X] Double click filename in titlebar to change filename (and move file)

blag 5 ár síðan Uppfært 5 ár síðan 0

If you've ever needed to move a file you've had opened in an editor, this is the flow:

1. Close file in Sublime

2. Move file in file browser or terminal

3. Open file from new location in Sublime

Most Apple apps on Mac have a nifty feature where double clicking on the filename in the titlebar will pop up a menu that let's you move and rename the current file.

Here's an example from the built-in Preview app:

This cuts down on the number of steps it takes to rename a file, down to one:

1. Double click filename in titlebar, edit name and location

I find it pretty useful in Preview, and I think it would be a great addition to Sublime (on OS X).