hello I would like sublime supporting lilypond -> http://www.lilypond.org/ maybe it does and I don't know how.

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hello I would like sublime supporting lilypond  -> http://www.lilypond.org/  maybe it does and I don't know how.

I had a quick look around Package Control http://wbond.net/sublime_packages/community and couldn't find anything around the Lilypond syntax.

One of the nice things about ST is the 'relatively' easy ability to build your own syntax highlighting package.

From looking at the link you supplied I think you have an excellent syntax guide to work off from the site documentation. I also think that anyone who can use Lilypond has all the skills needed to make your own syntax package. 

Apart from time (the universal constraint) all you will need is the knowledge and the best place to start is to install the AAAPackageDev package (available at the link above) and then follow the short tutorial supplied on how to create a new language syntax. It is just a matter of developing the regular expressions that match the various syntax elements.

If you have never done any regular expression work it is a little bit of a learning curve buy there are heaps of sites that will guide you and once you get over the initial hump it is fairly easy to do the basics.

If you get stuck somewhere the ST community is here to help.

I'd like to offer to do the work for you but I simply don't have the time and motivation. You have the motivation, if you also have the time then that would be great. If you do get something fairly nice set up then I am sure the ST community and the Lilypond community would love to see you make it accessible. But walking first, running later is the plan here.

You can use Textmate packages directly with Sublime Text. So, https://github.com/textmate/lilypond.tmbundle. I'm using it myself and it works just fine.

hello, I found https://github.com/yrammos/SubLilyPond but got no glue how to put it into sublime.

thanks for any help!