completions from other files

David Alexander 10 aastat tagasi uuendaja ibbles 10 aastat tagasi 5
It would be nice if ST2 would support completions found in other files. Right now it seems like it only uses words in the current file as potential completions.

Emacs does this out-of-the-box with M-/, and it's one of those features that you become unable to live without.
Even Gedit (default Gnome editor) do this.

I would like to take it even further and say that the completions should be symbol and scope aware. For C++, an object name and a -> should bring up the available methods on that object, a few characters in the parameter list of a function call should list all the variables in scope with the type that the called function accepts. Writing a namespace name should list all the sub-namespaces and other symbols in that name space. And so on.

I must say that I'm impressed by the speed at which it is possible to navigate through files with ST2, but opening a file and finding a particular method declaration is still slower than ctrl+space and a few downs.

CodeIntel does indeed look promising, will investigate.

Unfortunately, it does not appear to support any of the languages I'm currently using, which is C++, Java and Lua.