Ability to set bookmarks by clicking on gutter

Hongli Lai hace 10 años actualizado por Joseph Huckaby hace 8 años 4
I set bookmarks very often so that I can easily switch back and forth between two or three related places in the code. It would be nice if I can set bookmarks by clicking on the gutter (the place that shows line numbers). TextMate allows this: if I click on the gutter it will show a star on that line and that line is bookmarked.
love to see this feature
Just move the curser to the line, which you would like to bookmark. Then use keyboard-shortcut (Mac): cmd + f2. Now an arrow is displayed on the gutter. For Windows I guess it's strg + f2. To switch back and forth between bookmarks, just use f2. :)
Something like cmd+click would be fine as well.

Totally agree, I would love to be able to click in the gutter to set/unset bookmarks.