Replicate close tab behaviour from Chrome

Anders Ingemann 9 years ago updated by Ronald Jett 8 years ago 11
Closing tabs should work the same way as it does in Google Chrome.
Before you say anything: I am not talking about moving the tabs to the title bar like this post suggests.
The cool thing about the tab closing behaviour is, that the tabs only resize once you leave the tab area. If they all have the same size, the cursor is directly beneath the next close button, once you have closed a tab.
There is a nice blog entry about why Chromes tab closing behaviour is really nice, so I think I will just leave it at that and post the link.
(Maybe this could also be implemented for the "Open files" area? This way the files don't move under your cursor when you are opening multiple files.)
That wouldn't happen, as the tabs are different widths in Sublime Text
And width depend from how many tabs you have, right?
Tabs width depends on the number of tabs, and the length of the file names - tabs will expand to show the full file name if possible
I see. Probably I always got short enough file names. Thank you Jon. Using moment would like to point you to this request. Thank you and good luck with Sublime.
I see. Ah well, you can still do closing runs with the middle button.
I think that consistently-sized tabs is a great feature (this is just an opinion, I'm not declaring it to be a fact).
I can see the current file name in the window title, and most filenames fit in a reasonably-sized tab. I would like tiny filenames to have a normal-sized tab, and likewise for really long filenames. So I'm up-voting, and I hope this gets another round of consideration.
Workaround: only use 8.3 char filenames.

Seriously though, this would be a good feature - especially as Chrome and other browsers are setting "standards" for tab behaviour. Using the mouse, closing a number of tabs becomes a target-shooting game. Wait, I have a keyboard!

Workaround 2, then: ⌘W to close tabs. Until the tab close behaviour is improved. Or middle button as Tomek says.

Related - I think Chrome and STE have different behaviour for tab focus - STE takes you back through most recently viewed tabs, while Chrome I think moves you one tab to the right.
Regarding the tab focus change on close, I quite like Chrome's, although I imagine this is very much a personal preference thing.
The tab width is not as critical to me, but I do really wish that closing a tab would open the file to the left, instead of the previously edited file.  It would make it easier to close a bunch of related files that I have open.

The behavior of opening last edited tab is super confusing to me and seems random as I don't really remember where I was just before especially after closing multiple tabs. So +1 for that.


It'd be great to have this. I usually end up just closing all files and reopening the ones I wanted open.