open multiple files from OS context menu

David Warburton 9 years ago updated by James Cooper 9 years ago 2
One feature I miss from my old text editor (edit plus) is the ability to select multiple items in the windows explorer and right click them to edit them in the editor.  Right now I have an explorer window open with 15 small text files in it and I need to inspect each one, so I guess i'm going to loop over them in powershell and open each one individually.

This should be an easy feature to add to Sublime Text 2, it's just an additional registry entry IIRC (on windows at least).
I think you can get what you want if, during ST2 installation, you check the "Add 'Open with Sublime Text 2' to explorer context menu" option.

Currently, if I shift-select a range of files in Windows Explorer, right click, and 'Open with Sublime Text 2', they all open as tabs in a single ST2 window.

I too moved from EditPlus to sublime.  I was an EditPlus power user for over 10 years and only sublime is a suitable replacement (although find across files is still better in EditPlus)

Anyway, this should help you.  I don't have admin on my work machine so I add it where you always have write access.   Create a new file called subl.reg with the following content (make sure to edit the sublime path), then run it.  All should be well.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="C:\\PATH_TO_SUBLIME\\sublime_text.exe %1"