Tab creates unwanted spaces

Norman Casagrande 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 2

With the current dev build (2138, not sure about the others), if I add a tab to a text that happen to have columns it will add spaces to match the indent even if "Indent using spaces" is not selected.

For instance, start with a simple list of elements separated by tab:


Then on the second line type:


it will add two spaces before each tab. Additionally it will autocomplete even if we don't want to, i.e. if you start the second column by typing FO<tab> it will automatically autocomplete to FOO3.
I am unable to replicate this. Please ensure that in the status bar it reads "Tab Size: x" and not "Spaces: x".
Nevermind. That's a side-effect of the ElasticTabstops plugin. My bad.