Intelligent case-sensitivity for searches

Markus Peter 10 years ago updated by Brian Gallagher 9 years ago 4
A semi-intelligent case-sensitivity mode for searches as option, like in Emacs, where, if I type the word to search in all-lowercase, it will search case-insensitively and as soon as I type something containing uppercase, it will search case-sensitively exactly for what I typed.

Vim also has this feature and I miss it greatly for incremental searches. Currently you need to use the mouse or press 3 keys to change the case sensitivity of an incremental search. With this feature you don't need to do anything.

Good idea, my vote for it.
This function also exists in Komodo, where it is called "Smart Caps". Works great, and I'm missing it in ST!
I agree here.  I thought that case-sensitive search/multi-select would have been a no-brainer..   There should be an option/function to toggle it on and off as well.

If I am searching a document for date.. I don't want it to select DATE or Date.  just date.  Why isn't this an option, considering how advanced ST2 is?