Provide a sort option for open files in the sidebar

Neville Bagnall 9 years ago updated by Jeremy Dill 9 years ago 3

My file layout is not particularly suited to project treatment, yet I often have dozens of files open.

Open Files in the sidebar is most useful when many files are open at once, whereas the tab bar becomes unusable.

However, finding a particular file among dozens, or scanning the list quickly to see if the file is already open is nearly impossible because the files are not in a sorted order.

Goto Anything helps, but feels sub-optimal.

Ideally, and incorporating other preferences suggested here, I'd like to be able to toggle between Sorted, Modified, Stack or Tab order.

But even a user-setting to pick my preferred order would be great.

I agree. Emacs has this incredibly useful command (Ctrl-x, Ctrl-b) which lists opened files (called buffers) in order of last visit, with extra info like whether the file has changed from disk (edited). We can then move up/down the list with the arrow keys and press Enter to bring it up front in the editor. We can also press "x" to remove the file from the stack list (close it) or "s" to save it if it has changed.

Sublime Text 2 has currently a Go next/prev Stack which is just short of this functionality. There really needs to be a "Show stack" keyboard shortcut to show the files in the editor in a given order (last visited - stack, last modified, alphanum).

I don't think it necessarily have to bring the list in the sidebar. This is a temporary view that is closed as soon as you select the file you want from the stack list. It is like a search window in that sense.

This is actually a duplicate of http://sublimetext.userecho.com/topic/80593-ctrl-tab-open-tab-list-while-holding-ctrl/

As mentioned in the above link, Visual Studio has a great Opened Files dialog (Alt-tab).

Yes, I have this same problem.  Some people (like myself) work with tons of files at the same time, and not being able to sort makes Side bar Open Files very hard to navigate.   Top nav is out of the question for so many files, and I disable that.