Bryan Ashby 4 years ago • updated by Luke Scott 7 months ago 10
I would really like to see a open tab/window list accessible via Ctrl-Tab like that of Visual Studio or Notepad++ (and others). That feature would work like this:

  • Ctrl-Tab / Ctrl-Shift-Tab functionality would not change
  • Ctr-Tab and continuing to hold Ctrl would bring up a list of open tabs/windows (as long as Ctrl is continued to be held down)
  • While still holding Ctrl, Tab would cycle forward while Shift-Tab would cycle backwards
  • Bonus for allowing selection via mouse click while window is open
  • Additional bonus for thumbnails of documents being tabbed through
Here are a couple screen shots illustrating the behavior in Notepad++ and Visual Studio:


Visual Studio:
Jon would remind you that the "Goto Anything" panel also has the open files (ctrl+p on windows), but if you really want a list with only the open files, try this:


It is a plugin that puts up an input panel with the open views of the active window.  You will have to add your own key mapping (unfortunately it won't work with ctrl-tab and continuing to hold ctrl).  It is not exactly what you wanted and doesn't provide thumbnails, but it might be good enough.  It also allows you click on an specific file, cycle through the list of files or even filter the list of files (just like the "goto anything" panel). 
Thanks. CTRL+P is pretty slick for some uses. 

I don't think it or the plugin is a replacement for this functionality however. This is something that has become semi-standard in at least Windows and a few editors I use in Linux as well. It flows naturally in relation to ALT+Tab and Long-hold-ALT+Tab as well.
I really don't need the popup list of open tabs (like Notepad++). That is already covered basically with the sidebar. Also, you can CTRL+PG DN (& UP) to cycle through the open files list.

However, I think it would be great if CTRL+TAB acted more like ALT+TAB (win). Specifically, cycling between the last two documents, when you let go of the keys. And cycling through all documents when CTRL (or ALT) is held down.  It is an established standard convention.

If you are on Windows,  notice subtle the difference ALT+TAB has when letting go of the keys each time vs holding the ALT down and tabbing. 

I think this would be GREAT in ST2 and make a lot of sense.
Edit: nevermind what I said. It appears ST2 does implement CTRL+TAB the way I was suggesting. I must be on crack. 
Yes, this feature is really missing.
I particularly like the Visual Studio version (Alt-tab) but this is something that also exists in Emacs (buffer list) and other editors.

Since the feature name isn't standard, there is at least one duplicate. See http://sublimetext.userecho.com/topic/92056-provide-a-sort-option-for-open-files-in-the-sidebar/

I also have thousands of files. The speed here is amazing but....   all my files are dated. ex: 20130122

My oldest files with a dates of ex: 20111001  are  sorted first.  This blows i can't sort descending which is where I mainly need to be.

I will concur that this feature is really missing for a good priced piece of software.


So, is there still no solution available? 

has anyone found a plugin to make this work? I mean the display of your the files you are switching between with ctrl +  tab ?
I don't know if this plugin offers a viable solution but... It exactly does what is says. Hope this might help anyone.


Tested on sublime text 3 build 3059
Zen tabs sublime plugin also does this
standard key shortcut using Zen tabs is option + tab on mac (alt + tab on windows)