highlight arbitrary lines

Polychronis Ypodimatopoulos 9 years ago updated by Eric Kever 9 years ago 4
I would like to be able to highlight arbitrary lines of text, especially when working on plain text that is not subject to any sort of syntax highlighting.
You can highlight multiple different lines by holding down the super key (cmd/ctrl) and selecting.
That is "selecting" multiple lines, isn't it?
Correct. What exactly is it you mean by "highlight"?

If what I think you're saying is correct, then yes, I agree. I feel that the ability to highlight lines would be awesome (e.g. set a marker on that line, potentially a pink/red background, or even more preferably the ability to select the color).

Even when I'm working on files that are subject to syntax highlighting, a lot of them are absolutely gigantic (don't go off on me about "you should make them smaller," I'm working on someone else's code). Sometimes the code is so mixed up that it's hard to find specific functions. It'd be nice to highlight a line so that a quick scroll through the file would point those lines out to me.

I understand that cmd+R will allow me to go through different methods in a class or the likes, but when it comes down to JavaScript and its 500 different OO paradigms, cmd+R doesn't work.