selection highlight shouldn't have border radius

Allen A. Bargi 9 år siden opdateret af Александр Колокольцов 1 år siden 6
I hate this small border radius around selected text. It should have sharp corner or at least let us configure it. 

I'd like the ability to control this too.
I also hate the border radius
I voted for this some time ago, but now I'm starting to change my mind. On the one hand I think the selection looks, well, strange, especially when it spans multiple lines. On the other hand, I'm thinking that with a "normal" selection it could be difficult to see whan you have split a multi-line selection into separate lines. But it would be nice if the behaviour was configurable at least.
I think making it customizable wouldn't hurt, but I quite like it and think it should remain on by default. It's actually quite elegant when you get used to the differentness of it.
I dont lile border at all! In my russian SciTe bunble I have an excelent hightlighting and auto-completion.

lines are marked with a warm color and current with a cold one. Also this is my color theme I've invented for years. If anybody else likes it. I can to try to publish sciTe folder.

I hate this small border radius around selected text too.

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