Will the British Gas tool help?

alizee niklas 6 years ago 0

When most people hear the phrase 'government grant' it instantly conjures up images of mountains of leaflets, forms and paperwork.

So even the offer of lowering your energy bills might not be enough to tempt some people to consider the Green Deal or ECO.

Add to that the fact that most people don't actually know what the schemes offer, and it's no wonder they have thus far been pretty unsuccessful.

As such, British Gas's tool, which helps you to find out more about energy efficiency in the home and savings you can make, could have emerged at just the right time to encourage more people to take advantage of a range of decent insulation options.

Sadly, British Gas seems to have missed an opportunity to educate households as its online tool is a little disappointing.

For example, the limited number of questions mean you are not really given advice specifically relevant to your individual circumstances.

That said, it may save you some time figuring out if you could get funding for any improvements through the ECO, as well as save you the £129 fee you would pay if you did not know you are eligible for a free assessment.