Notification of changes to files outside of Sublime

Patrick McMorris 8 years ago updated by Keith Hall 3 years ago 4
Is there a way to get a notification when an opened file is overwritten by another application? This can happen a lot if something is also open in VS, or a diff/merge tool, is the output of something I'm debugging, or is a running log file.  In most cases, I'd like to know when it happens as well as have the choice of reloading or ignoring even if I don't have any unsaved changes.  I may want to keep the old data intentionally, or use it to revert the overwrite, or maybe I just want notification as feedback to know that, yes, the file did get update (maybe the contents are the same).  Many other text editors do this use case very well. But they suck at the running log case where the modal message box continually pops up and then you cant even close the file.  In that case, you also want to be able to tell it to auto update without a notification for that specific file.
Sublime Text already does notify about external changes made to open files (albeit with said modal message box)...
Mine does no such thing. To be clear, this is for Sublime Text 2 Beta
oh beg pardon, it only gives that prompt when the file is unsaved and has been modified elsewhere - otherwise it just reloads the latest version silently.

a setting to always show a prompt when a file is modified externally (`always_prompt_for_file_reload`) was added in build 3032