Named Bookmarks

David Brown vor 7 Jahren 0

Bookmarks are great. This is a suggestion that adds upon the current bookmarks implementation.

As a user of Sublime Text, I want to be able to name my bookmarks in conjunction with a searchable list of bookmarks so that I can have a method for quickly finding my bookmarks again.

One possibility would be to include bookmark names in the Goto Anything dialog. It might also be useful to have a dialog that shows only bookmarks as well, just in case I want to browse my bookmarks. Maybe something like the file@symbol feature, only for bookmarks, but using another symbol such as # (like an href). Examples:

  • "file#mybookm" looks for all bookmarks in 'file' that match "mybookm"
  • "#mybookm" searches all bookmarks in all files for "mybookm"
  • "#" displays all bookmarks