Three sidebar enhancements that would boost developer productivity...

Chris Simeone 8 years ago 0

I love Sublime Text 2, it's a great tool. The area I think needs the most improvement is the Sidebar. Here are some suggested improvements that would be a huge help...

1) Most important, please fix the sidebar "reveal" functionality so that when a file is revealed, the sidebar scrolls making the revealed file name visible.

2) Please fix sidebar "focus" issues. When a user clicks in the sidebar it should recieve the focus, not the document being edited. Then when a user presses the UP/DOWN arrow keys the cursor highlights the next or previous file, or when a user presses the PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN keys the sidebar scrolls up/down a page length, or when a user presses the HOME/END keys the sidebar scrolls to the top/bottom of the file list.

3) Please add "Collapse" and "Expand" functionality to the context menu to collapse/expand the currently selected folder. Also please add "Collapse All" and "Expand All" to collapse/expand the entire folder list.

These would be huge sidebar improvements that I believe would enhance developer productivity.