New files don't update the project side bar

Henrique Boaventura 9 years ago updated by Phillip Harrington 8 years ago 4
When you create a new file in the side bar, when you save it, the side bar isn't updated, then you can't reopen the file if you close tthe tab, only if you reopen Sublime Text 2
You can select Project->refresh project to update all the folders after adding the file, but it's a bit counter-intuitive. If you create the file (or folder) as a sub-folder of something within the existing project view, surely the project should automatically bring that in without a manual refresh

... surely it should, but it does not.

Ah - sorry. I take it back. When I create a file using the sidebar to right click New File... that refreshes. Nothing else refreshes the view, however. I think it may be the SFTP plugin causing the issue?

It's not refreshing the view for me either, but it only just stopped working today. If I use a generator, I have to select Project->Refresh Folders to see the new files. They don't even show up in the super+p file search. I'm not sure what happened.