Opening large files on Windows causes excessive BranchCache and Search Indexer usage

Robo210 Robo210 8 years ago 0
When opening a large file (>4GB, using Windows 64-bit version) off a local hard drive, the progress bar quickly (relatively speaking) gets to 99% then things turn bad. The Windows BranchCache service appears to kick in and start performing large amounts of I/O, and the Search Indexer service appears to start indexing the file. I'm believe one of these services is being triggered by the other, but I'm not sure which. The end result is that the excessive I/O from each brings the entire machine to a crawl, and it takes hours for the file to finish opening (it does successfully open).

Since I have never seen this behavior with other text editors (64-bit VIM, for instance) I suspect Sublime Text is doing something to trigger one (or both) services. Note that seeing BranchCache kick in may require a domain joined machine, but it shouldn't be doing anything in the first place since the file is not being loaded off the network. I have also configured the Search Indexer to not index Offine Files, but this had no effect.