make search highlighting stick around after find window closes

David Baumgold 8 years ago updated by Giampaolo Rodola 7 years ago 2
When you search for a piece of text, the matches in the file are highlighted as you type. That's cool! The problem is, once I press Escape to get out of the search dialog, the highlighting vanishes. I'll often want to use Cmd+G to jump to the next instance of what I wanted, but without search highlighting, I'm effectively jumping blind, and I don't know where my caret will land until it gets there. Combine that with the fact that I can't use a block cursor, and I keep on getting lost in my editor.

Ideally, there should be a preference to leave search highlighting on after completing a search, and a command to dismiss it when I'm ready. For reference, check out ":hlsearch" and ":nohlsearch" in vim. (I'm coming to ST2 from Vim, and I always use it in Vintage mode.)
There should be a setting that prevents the Find menu (Search / Replace) from auto-hiding all the time.

This is definitively the feature I miss the most.

Are there plans to integrate this?