[linux] deleting a file from the side bar does nothing.

Zenobius Jiricek 7 years ago updated by Neven Blazic 7 years ago 1
Ubuntu Linux 12.04, Gnome-Shell
v2.0.1 build 2217
  1. Right click file or folder in sidebar
  2. [expect] to see it gone from sidebar and removed from filesystem
  3. [reality] is that nothing happens.
I can confirm this bug, but its not explained good,
right click on folder in sidebar -> create new file / folder -> everything is fine and file / folder is created, but when i right click on that same file/folder that i just created nothing is happening, this is log from console:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./sublime_plugin.py", line 337, in run_
  File "./side_bar.py", line 19, in run
  File "./send2trash/plat_other.py", line 153, in send2trash
  File "./send2trash/plat_other.py", line 121, in find_ext_volume_trash
  File "./send2trash/plat_other.py", line 115, in find_ext_volume_fallback_trash
  File "./send2trash/plat_other.py", line 60, in check_create
  File ".\os.py", line 157, in makedirs
OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/.Trash-1000'

It does not make sense because i have privilege to create/delete... btw awesome editor