Autocomplete / Coffeescript, probably general

Paul Robson 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 0
I'm using SL2 b2181 at present. Considering the editor doesn't actually support CoffeeScript directly, the autocomplete works pretty well !

However, there are four issues which may be general with languages (especially those doing what I presume happens here, which is to autocomplete on identifiers).

1) Numbers. If you type a number e.g. 32 and press TAB to add a comment further on it autocompletes the number, changing it to something else.

Suggest: disable autocomplete or numbers either permanently or as an option.

2) Autocomplete works with a single letter, replacing it sometimes with another one - e.g. press a get A

Suggest: might be same as 3 ?

3) Autocomplete sometimes replaces an identifier with a differently cased one, e.g. you type in field [TAB] and it becomes Field

Suggest: don't change autocomplete if it's the same identifier as the current one with a different case.

4) Autocomplete operates when you have moved onto a line rather than just typed the identifier, e.g. if you move to a line ending in count, positioning the cursor at the end and press [TAB] it sometimes changes it to something else.

Suggest: only have autocomplete if the last character typed was a alphanumeric character, not a cursor movement character ?