Favorites files and folders

Samuel Mesquita 8 years ago updated by David Martin 7 years ago 3
Hey guys, I'd really like to have favorites in my sidebar. I think this feature will help a lot of people. Could work like that:

- Right click on a file at the sidebar and set as favorite;
- Go to a folder named "FAVORITES" with an alias name;
- Searchable via "Go to Anything", but with a flag.

I was looking for this very command and found this post! :)

For your information i created one extension which try solve this, try out and case you can help, help us to improve the extension!


I also would like like a Favorites option ... but not tied to a Project.  Maybe a menu option on the file menu.  I have a few files scattered over my drives that I access on a irregular basis ... so just remembering which folders they are in is sometimes a pain.  Since I usually have my text editor open, having a configurable area where I can have these available is VERY handy.

Having an interface would be nice but I also have no problem with maintaining this from within the User Preferences file ... as it doesn't change very often.