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Crown Life Settlements

A true uncorrelated investment.

The uncorrelated nature of life settlements does not depend on the movement of financial markets but instead promises steady returns regardless of the state of said markets, including comparable investments in equity, debt, commodities and property.

The nature of this alternative asset, and other longevity based financial instruments, make it an important potential part of a portfolio diversification and risk management strategy (safe haven investment).

World-wide Growth

The US life settlement markets has grown exponentially over the years and receives significant support from investors in almost every country in the world.

A Strong Investment Opportunity

Our goal at Crown is to acquire quality senior life settlement policies and eventually build this portfolio of policies to over $1 billion in the next 5 years.

Management Excellence

The management structure of Crown Alliance combined with our exacting analytical skills work to our advantage in selecting the right policies.

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Crown Alliance Capital (OTCBB:CACL). A publicly reporting Nevada Corporation.

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