Philanthropy: The Corpocracy’s Insurance Policy

anikafranzi 6 years ago 0

For over 200 years might and money have kept the powerful in power in America. Throughout her history America’s organized, powerful few have exploited the unorganized, powerless many and militarily claimed the lives of countless millions throughout the world all for the sake of ever more profit and ever more power. Her might along with her hush money in the form particularly of social welfare (which, however, is dwarfed by corporate welfare), tax exemptions for charities, government grants, foundation grants mostly derived from corporations’ vulgar (i.e., ill gotten) wealth, and foreign aid have kept the powerless at home and away from storming the fortress.

The foregoing is the backdrop for this essay, the true tale of an odyssey through the land of tax-exempt NGOs called by some either the “non-profit industrial complex” or the “charitable industrial complex” that stages change all the while serving the powerful, most especially the corpocracy, the collusion between corrupt corporations and corrupt government that is the most monstrous power on earth.

The essay is not a report from an in-depth investigative journalism with its intensive interviewing and revealing documentation or from a scientific field study with its hypotheses and statistical tests that might conclusively prove the existence of the complex, if such proof were ever needed. That wasn’t even the initial purpose of the journey. Rather, the essay is a subjective recounting and analyzing of a long experience with a beginning, middle, ending, and a postmortem in three parts.