Error during close file - Color Scheme exception

Pawel Kasperek 8 years ago updated by repsmashtest repsmashtest 8 years ago 3
During close opened file in Sublime I have follow error: Error loading colour scheme Packages\Color Scheme - Default\Monokai.tmTheme: Error parsing plist.xm: Failed to open file In file"Packages\Color Scheme - Default\Monokai.thTheme" . I have installed few packages and before on clear Sublime this error did not occur. I thing that problem is in some packages. 
This bug is generated from Live CSS package.

That was bug from Live CSS package for me.

To solve the problem, open some .html file in sublime, then USE MOUSE to Preferences -> Package Control -> Remove Package -> remove that Live CSS. I have removed Soda theme too, not sure if this relate tho.