Transparent Overlay Message Box API (in addition to status bar API)

robertcollier4 11 years ago updated by Darin Morrison 11 years ago 1

Explained here: http://www.azarask.in/blog/post/monolog_boxes_and_transparent_message

It’s simply a large and translucent message that’s displayed over the contents of your screen. They fade away when the user takes any action (like typing or moving the mouse). In practice, the message is both noticeable yet unobtrusive. And because the message is transparent, you can see what’s beneath

Example here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcHjA5uwHM8

Image 229

It would be interesting to have support for something like this built into Sublime Text. Failing that, there are ways you can approximate such behavior. For example, on OS X you could write a plugin interfacing with Growl for the overlay feature.