Start Sublime with wildcards to load multiple files at once

Marc Scheuner 12 years ago updated by clksucat 11 years ago 3
I like Sublime - a lot - but the fact it doesn't support printing, nor does it support starting the editor with wildcards to e.g. load all *.html files in a directory is something I truly miss - A LOT!!

Any hope that starting Sublime with wildcards will some day actually load all those matching files in the directory??
Starting with wildcard arguments works fine for me. Sublime Text 2 v. 2193 on OS X.
I'm using Sublime Text 2 v.2181 on Windows, and it's *NOT* working here..... when I launch the editor with an argument of " *.html ", I get a new file with the title of " *.html " - instead of Sublime opening all the *-html files in the current directory....

I asked sublime marketing about this, they said that it might make it in version 4.  This and hex mode editing will make me switch from slick edit.