Goto anything text search doesn't work like how the documentation says

Clint Levijoki 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 1
The docs say:
To perform a fuzzy text search, append # and keep typing, like so:
This makes Sublime Text perform a fuzzy search for trsr in files whose name loosely matches isl. For example, you could find the word treasure inside a file named island.txt.

However if you were to type that, it would only look for 'trsr' in the first file that matched 'isl'.  I would expect the drop down to show all matches for 'trsr' in all files that matched 'isl'.

Also if you were to then modify your search line to be

It would also not re-evaluate the file search, and continue to search for trsr in the first file that was matched when you typed the # character.

It's possible the documentation is just wrong, but I do think that being able to browse symbols in a project like this would be very useful.