If text is selected, Goto Anything should populate the search field with that text to make navigation simpler.

Matthew O'Connor 8 years ago updated by Paul Dobbins 7 years ago 1
If I have text selected in some document, when I open Goto Anything, I would like the search field to be populated with that text. This would make code navigation simpler since I could select a method or type name, Ctrl-P, Enter, bam!

To retain backwards compatibility, the text could be highlighted so if you didn't want to search for that you could just start typing.
This would be great to work with the more specific "Goto" boxes as well. Like the "Goto Symbol" box:
1) Select a symbol/method name in the text
2) Press Ctrl+R
3) The code window instantly jumps to that method! (i.e. Profit!)