File Modified status can scroll off tab. Move to left?

highfructose 9 lat temu zaktualizowano 9 lat temu 1
File Modified status (asterisk/bulletpoint) appears on the right after the file name in the associated tab.  Since file names can scroll off tabs in cases where many tabs exist/file names are long, this results in the modified indicator being hidden from view.

I should always be able to glance at the tab strip and identify which files are modified and which ones are not.  Because of this issue, sometimes it's impossible to tell, which is frustrating.

Even changing to an unknown-status tab doesn't help, because the obscured name doesn't appear.  Mouseover of the tab shows the file location, still no help.  The only way to tell (in Mac OS) is because the icon at the top of the window title bar becomes slightly grey for modified files (I believe this is a systemwide visual effect). There should be a simpler way to know at-a-glance what's modified and what isn't.

(Using Build 2095, Mac OS)

I see now that this is present in the "FILES" pane on the left hand side of the editor window, as long as that pane is wide enough to show full file names, the FILES section is opened, etc.  So I suppose this changes to a request to place this in the tabs in an always-visible fashion for those of us that don't use the FILES pane :)