Select tab color for visual grouping

Jarrod Oberto 8 years ago updated by Nick Boldt 8 years ago 1
It would be super to nice to be able to right click a tab, select 'color' and then choose one of, say, nine predefined colors from the sub-menu.

This is useful for people like me who often have a lot of files open and want to be able to visually/mentally group files. Even if it's just to mark "currently working on these files".

This is different to other suggestions wanting tab colour by file type or inactivity.


I've become addicted to ColorfulTabs For Firefox (http://www.binaryturf.com/free-software/colorfultabs-for-firefox/) and would find similar behaviour hella useful for grouping lots of open files.

I would suggest having a default colour for unsaved temp files (ie., those not backed by a filename) and for dirty files (those backed by a file but with unsaved changes). Then let users easily change tab colours to group them into functional collections. Prefer the idea of picking from one of 9 colours than the ColorfulTabs approach where you're forever clicking, tabbing, and typing in colour names or RGB values.

Faster to use = better ease of use.