ST2 does not track moved/renamed files on OS X

James Eagan 8 years ago 0

ST2 does not properly manage files in a manner consistent with other Mac applications.  Normally, if the user renames or moves a file in the Finder, any applications using that file will automatically track and update its references to that file.  Compare the following sequence of events in Text Edit and in ST2 :

1.  In the app, create a new file, enter some text, and save it on the desktop as "Test 1"

2.  In Finder, rename file to "Test 2"

3.  In the app, enter more text and save.

In any standard mac application (like TextEdit), at the beginning of step 3, the app will have detected that the file has been renamed (or moved) and will update its internal references accordingly.  At the end of step 3, only one file will exist.

In ST2, however, it appears to use file paths internally, so at the beginning of step 3, ST2 will not show the new file name in the title bar.  At the end of step 3, two files will exist.  This is not proper mac-like behavior.

ST2 build: 2217

Mac OS X 10.7.4