Allow scrolling while Find panel is shown

Joe White 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 0
If I'm in the Find panel, the Up or Down arrow keys should scroll the document up or down. This would be consistent with how other apps (e.g. Web browsers) behave, and would be much more useful (and less annoying) than the current behavior of stepping through the search history.

Currently, if I'm doing a Find and pressing F3 to step through the results, and I want to scroll through the document see more context around the current result (which is something I want quite frequently), there's no way to do it without (a) using the mouse to scroll the scrollbar or (b) closing the Find panel. The Up and Down keys don't scroll; instead they step through the search history, which is mostly useless (why would I want to repeat a search I did a week ago in a different file?) and tremendously annoying, because it immediately scrolls far, far away from the thing I was just looking at, with no good way to get back. (I have to re-type my original search -- because of course navigating through the search history doesn't add my current search to the history first -- and then I have to hit F3 repeatedly until I get back to where I was.)

It would be much more usable if typing the Up and Down keys into the Find panel were to just scroll the document (as if I had pressed Ctrl+Up or Ctrl+Down while editing the document).