Quote switching. Will swap the quote keys so single is double.

saidfasf 8 år siden opdateret 8 år siden 2

I am a JavaScript developer. I like using double quotes. However, using them requires me to hit shift all day. I think it would be neat that while working only in JavaScript files we could have a setting that  swaps the quote key and results in the single quote being a double quote. I realize there is plugins to do this on per command basis but that gets aggravating.

I don't think it's a good idea, since I don't use "qwerty" keyboard but french "azerty". If this feature is enable by default only "qwerty" user will maybe think it's fine.

Maybe a Plugins is a better idea.

I agree with you, it shouldn't be built into the editor. I found a nice plugin. http://pqrs.org/macosx/keyremap4macbook/

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