Provide hard wrapping like vim's textwidth

Luke Hutton 8 years ago updated by Michael Seiwald 8 years ago 2

It'd be great if Sublime would support vim-esque hard text wrapping (eg. 'textwidth') without having to invoke a command. The current approach, being done retrospectively, makes it more likely that weird artefacts are introduced, such as paragraphs being collapsed (when editing LaTeX, I often find lines with individual commands are collapsed into one line, breaking it in the process). Hard wrapping as-you-type would also make it easier to track changes on a line-by-line basis in version control, whereas again the current approach often leads to equivalent lines being changed in less predictable ways.

This is auto-fill-mode in Emacs, and the only sane way to write text-based documentation to be read on other editors, web, etc.

That's my single most missed feature in ST2 at the moment. I switched back to Vim for LateX editing just for that reason.