smart inline editing & sub-buffers

Diego F. Goberna 8 years ago updated by Xavier Ho 8 years ago 1

The best sample I know is this from Adobe Brackets: http://blogs.adobe.com/jnack/2012/10/get-started-in-adobes-open-source-html-editor-brackets.html

For this a "sub-buffer" or "sub-window" would be necessary, that permit to edit another file from within the current one. 

This could lead to a large number of interesting plugins that permit to jump among interconnected files (definitions+implementations, html+css, views+controllers, etc)



I'd love to see features similar to this as well. We could even use the subbuffer as a run result (instead of another tab), viewing details/values of an object.. etc.  It just have to be a "tab" that opens inline, and the possibility is endless.