Minimap Horizontal Scroll Reset Bug

Aaron Scully 7 years ago updated by Nick Brunt 7 years ago 1

There is a bug with the document overview on the right/minimap - if you have some text with long lines (word wrap off) and scroll right, the white box around the document outline (if you have that enabled) scrolls off to the right, out of view. Now if you scroll down the document in the minimap, it resets your horizontal scroll position to leftmost. 

I would expect the minimap not to reset the horizontal position. I would also not expect the horizontal scroll position (word wrap off) to cause the highlighted area on the minimap to disappear off to the right.

I would expect the highlighted area to move partially off the screen as this area represents your view of the code.  Any code in the highlighted area should be visible on the screen.

However I agree that the horizontal position should not reset when you try to scroll vertically.  Maybe you should be able to move the highlighted area in both dimensions and scroll both horizonally and vertically?