Make single click on file set focus on sidebar

aristidesfl 13 ár síðan updated by Ben Ma 12 ár síðan 1
Currently when a file is clicked on the side the focus is set on the editor.
With a second click the focus is set on the side bar.

I think this should be inverted in order to comply with standard behavior.
One click set's focus to sidebar, second click sets focus to the file in the editor.

If you have reasons to prefer the way it is now, would be cool to have an option

With the addition of "preview_on_click": false in Build 2210, I think most people (if not all) will expect that a single click would move focus to the file/folder side bar. With the option disabled, the click has no function.
With the option enabled, there might be some argument that a single click is for the preview and not setting focus, but certainly by convention this does not seem like the usual behavior in either OSX nor Windows. I have no experience with Linux.