Feature Request: Put new tabs at the rightmost place in the tab bar, optionally

Jan Becker 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 0
first of all, thanks for your great text editor! I use it on a daily basis, and already bought a license (Under my private email adress).

I have a feature request (i'm not sure if the feature is already available, i didn't find it):
I would like to have the option that new tabs are added at the the rightmost place. Currently new tabs are added at the right of the currently selected tab. For me, that gets confusing. I would like to close all new tabs at once, and leave the old ones open. If new tabs were added at the rightmost place, i could simply use the "close tabs to the right" command. 
For Chrome, new tabs are opened at the rightmost place per default (not necessarily right of the currently active tab).