clickable functions/classes (click through)

Tim Verhees 8 years ago updated by FichteFoll 8 years ago 3

The only main thing I'm missing in sublime text is the functionality that a lot of IDE's have: The possibility to click (through) on a function- or class-name that opens the file and centers the function/class in the view is a must in a happy development ;-).

Until then I'll keep using my IDE. If implemented let me know, I'm glad to change to Sublime text with a whole team of developers.


Sublime Text at first is the editror, not IDE, so, I think this feature wion't be implemented


Why not? This has nothing to do with compiling whatsoever, if you look at the technical aspect of this idea, it's only an automated search function in the pool of project files. And has nothing to do with the fact this is especially for IDE's, BUT my IDE has this handy function. Why shouldn't Sublime Text?


That's what the plugin API is for. SublimeCodeIntel already does this for a few languages.