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Philipp Schaffrath 9 лет назад обновлен Donna Klinton 6 лет назад 4
I've got many Situations where i want to insert Images to my Project, when i select an Image i get the preview of the includet data as Text. It would be nice, if you provide the functionality to get a preview of images. Maybe you use the file extention as trigger, or you read the file header to check if a different preview is needed.

This feature could be used for several other files like .pdf, .mp3 (audio files in general), .mp4 (video files in general) or even .ttf (font files in general).

This functionality would be pure epicness!
I don't think image, video, audio or PDF preview should be automatic, but it would be nice to have a button to switch from the data view to the preview.
It might be nice if this worked like the Hover Zoom extension for Google Chrome, popping up a floating image preview when you hover sidebar image files and image file paths written in a buffer.
Hi there
I agree with Marcus,i don't think image, video, audio or PDF preview should be automatic.If there is a powerful tool which supports to do that ,i'd like to have a try.

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