Truncated results from extract_completions()

T-R 12 years ago 0

In build 2217 on Linux 64-bit, calling extract_completions, e.g.,


(as is done in the All Autocomplete plugin) returns some, but not all, strings truncated by one character, e.g., 

[u'insertTopic', u'insertTopi', u'insertSubPoin', u'insertRevisio', u'insertOpinio', u'insertContributo', u'insertCommen', u'index', u'id_Users', u'id_Topics', u'id_Revisions', u'id']

The strings aren't defined truncated anywhere in the project.

Default Autocomplete (without All Autocomplete plugin) shows the correct results (insertTopic, insertSubPoint, etc.), but calling extract_completions directly from the console produces the above result.