Are there any guidelines on the proper way of using the user echo?

Cory Bloor 8 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door FichteFoll 8 jaar geleden 1
I'm new to both Sublime and the concept of the user-echo, so some things are unclear to me. For instance, it's pretty obvious that I should vote for suggestions I want implemented and vote against suggestions I particularly dislike. But it's less clear when I should be voting  a question up or down, or what things I should do in order to pose a good question myself. Indeed, I'm not sure that this question (about the user echo, rather than Sublime itself) is appropriate.
Especially if this question is inappropriate for the user echo, where should I have discovered that, and where should it be asked instead?

1. The decision is yours. If you like an idea, vote it up. If you want an idea to become real, vote it up. If you think something is not useful at all (implementation would only waste time), vote it down. etc.

2. If you don't care about an idea/question, just leave it as it is.

3. You could've asked this in the forum since this question is not feedbak for the application itself, but since Jon only rarely takes a look at userecho it shouldn't be that fatal.