Implement SlickEdit's "complete-more" command

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SlickEdit has a feature which allows one to "continue" auto-completing a matched iine.  For example:


This will complete "foo", but I can hit "complete more" to complete the entire line one word at a time: foo->bar()->baz().  SlickEdit will show me a preview of the matching line, and I can use other keys to cycle between all matching lines to pick the one I want.  A great alternative to cutting and pasting, and one that doesn’t require any navigation.
Please consider this feature. It's simple, but deceptively powerful, and can be used in a wide variety of tasks.
I've been relying on it since I first discovered SlickEdit in 1996, and would really love to see this in Sublime Text 2.
John Hurst
Oh, another thing about this feature, as implemented in SlickEdit. In the older versions of SlickEdit, completion features were "on demand", i.e. triggered by the programmer pressing a key. Thus the programmer usually knows what he's trying to do, presses the correct key, and gets what he wants.
Later versions of SlickEdit (last 10 years or so) moved to a more "automatic" mode. The editor tries to second-guess the programmer, and usually gets it wrong. Thus with current-day SlickEdit I often end up with text in my buffer that is different from what I typed -- very annoying. 
I prefer an editor that lets me decide what to complete rather than trying to outguess me. And I find it very frustrating if I type something and the editor enters something else.